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This directory is completely open to all types of instruments,theory or composition taught within the country of Ireland. If you find that some instruments are not listed please, contact clearly stating the instrument you teach and any other relevant details that you want to add. Due to the high costs of running this site I can no longer keep this as a free directory. Any new applicants must pay a joining fee for €25 through PayPal. Once you make your payment simply fill in the APPLICATION FORM and you will be added to the site within 36 hours. This is a once off fee and does not have to be renewed annually.

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Over the past number of years teaching classical guitar, I regularly received enquiries from people asking “I know you teach guitar but do you know of anyone teaching violin in such in such a place?”. As time went on I thought, wouldn’t be great if a database of some sort was available so that all these people could simply do a quick search to find this information. Little did I realise in the end I'd have to physically build this database myself, however as you can see, here it is.

If there are any details, instruments, theory, composition or any other style that is not featured in the listings, please email me clearly stating the instrument or style you teach and any other relevant information you wish to add.

Thank You.

Brian Farrell BA Hons (open) DipMus (open) ALCM, LTCL(TD), LLCM.